About Saun Shing

In the early days of the field of large air-conditioning main units, the vast majority of the market share was occupied by large American air-conditioning manufacturers such as Carrier, York, and Trane. Although these large-scale air-conditioning system manufacturers have We have excellent air-conditioning host equipment and technical capabilities, but in the face of Taiwan's unique island climate and the customized air-conditioning and refrigeration needs of customers in different industries, it is difficult to fully satisfy them. At that time, I heard that many customers were looking forward to the establishment of local manufacturers in Taiwan.Firstly, they can provide better quality and instant services, and secondly, local manufacturers have a more cost-effective advantage compared to major American air-conditioning manufacturers.

With the earnest expectations of many customers, "Saun Shing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd." was officially established in 1999. Over the past two decades, we would like to thank all those who are willing to entrust the important mission of air conditioning needs to "Saun Shing" service customers. We all the wayAt the level of [Quality] and [Function]Adhere to productism and craftsmanship, continue to strive for excellence and maintain excellent quality; at the [service] level, we will provide professional and complete customized suggestions and after-sales services for large-scale air-conditioning equipment solutions based on the standpoints and needs of customers in different industries.Over the past two decades, we have successfully served and satisfied thousands of customers, allowing our customers to receive cost-effective refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment with excellent service quality at the same time.

For more than 20 years, Saun Shing has only focused on the field of large-scale refrigeration and air-conditioning. As the needs of the times change and evolve, the air-conditioning market's requirements for green energy, low carbon, cleanliness, and comfort are also increasing. Shengxin continues to push itself. We will continue to improve and deepen our services in this field to provide customers in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and even the world with a large-scale air-conditioning equipment partner that best understands customer needs and provides the best customization.相信「選擇勝新、深得您心」,不會僅單單為一句口號而已,而是曾得到過上千位客戶認可,同時也值得您信賴的空調合作伙伴一份信諾!