2023.11 【Chairman Guo-Won Taiwan’s Top 100 MVP Managers-Organizational Governance Category】

We sincerely congratulate Chairman Guo of Saun Shing Air Handling Unit CO., LTD. for winning the [Top 100 MVP Managers in 2023 - Organizational Governance Category]!

Being selected into the Top 100 MVP Managers this time, this award not only affirms Chairman Guo’s personal ability, but also affirms our Saun Shing Air Handling Unit CO., LTD. Service Team. This award recognizes our company's outstanding contributions and high-quality services in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. Chairman Guo’s leadership and management capabilities have not only brought commercial success to our company, but also enhanced our overall corporate image. His business wisdom and innovative thinking drive us to continuously seek innovation and quality improvement in refrigeration and air-conditioning products. This makes our products well received in the market and wins the trust and support of our customers.

With this affirmation, Shengxin will continue to work hard and work hard in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, continue to achieve greater achievements and breakthroughs, create value for customers, and continue to pursue excellence and innovation as its goal to move forward!!





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